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Diving in Dahab

Poseidon Divers Dahab is a CDC Center with 20 years of experience in diving in the Red Sea.

We offer daily dive excursions, courses, technical diving and more.

We also facilitate Freediving courses through a list of the town's best freediving instructors.

We offer all inclusive package deals with transfer and accommodation. Boat diving, diving for children and speciality courses.

Rec Courses

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Recreational Diving Courses
Fun Adventures

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Tec Courses
Technical Diving Courses

What is Tec Diving?


Technical diving is a form of scuba diving that exceeds the agency-specified limits of recreational diving for non-professional purposes. Tec diving involves untypical limits of depth and bottom time, accelerated decompression and the use of different gas mixtures during the dives.



Dahab has great locations for Tec Diving, some of them almost only visited by Tec divers. Easy shore entries make Tec sites not only a paradise for Tec learning and diving but also sums up to best cost configurations. From the famous Canyon to the Blue Hole and a lot of varieties of caverns, canyons, little canyons and deep walls you will be assured:

  • Safe and practical Logistic organization

  • Equipped Classroom for Tec courses

  • Help you plan and execute your dive with the best professional Tec guides

  • Tec Gear available for rent

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