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Jr. Advanced Open Water Diver

Move up a level and learn about different aspects of diving.



This Advanced Open Water Diver course is made up of 5 dives, called Adventure Dives. They advance your diving knowledge and open the door to different aspects of diving. Each dive is the first one in a Speciality course.

Requirements: Open Water course

Duration: 2 days

Dives: 2 compulsory dives / 3 elective dives

Why Junior Advanced Open Water

Simply- it will make you a more experienced & better diver and ultimately safer. This course is inevitable for all deep-water lovers and is all about advancing your skills and introducing you to the adventurous world of specialities.  You'll also be qualified to dive to 21m. This course means more diving time, more dive sites possibilities, less studying and much more practical learning in terms of navigation and buoyancy, while having lots of fun.

What happens?

The Junior Advanced Open Water Diver course normally only lasts 2 days. There are 2 compulsory dives and 3 elective dives. There is, of course, a manual. You only need to read the chapters on the areas you are interested in, but feel free to read it all and learn more than is necessary to finish the course.


Complete the Theory through E-Learning and spend more time diving on your holiday! You will be able to complete all 5 sessions at your leisure whether in the evenings or even during your lunch break! Once you have completed the course online you will get an E-Learning completion form that you will need to bring with you to complete your course. This means more time diving and less time studying so you can really enjoy your holiday!

I sent out a few emails to different dive shops in Dahab, and Rose at Poseidon very quickly and helpfully responded to my questions. When I arrived I found the hotel was clean, the food was good, the location was ideal and the crew was friendly. After the first day of diving I decided to do my advanced open water training with Poseidon. I felt like I was in good hand with a very capable and thorough trainer and good staff. In a few days I went from being a very novice diver to earning the AOW certification, and also had the chance to go to a number of world class dive sites. In my (limited) experience, this was overall the best dive shop I've gone to."

Phil B, June 2018

Typical Day


Day One


We meet at the dive centre at 9am. We'll go through some paperwork and a medical form before showing you around the dive centre and introducing your instructor. You'll start with a chat and we'll see if a check dive or Scuba Review is needed. We'll get you started on the course ASAP. We recommend Peak Performance Buoyancy and a Night dive. You'll probably do Navigation on the first day. You do get a lunch break - diving can make you hungry. You will be finished by 4pm. You'll have some homework of reading the manual, ready for the next day.


Day Two

Canyon & Blue Hole

One of the great things about the Advanced Open Water Diver course is you get to dive the two most famous sites in Dahab. The Canyon has a bottom at 30m which makes it ideal for the deep dive. The Bells to Blue Hole is a deep dive that is great for fish spotting or Multilevel diving or Drift diving.

By the end of the Advanced Open Water Diver course you will be qualified to dive to 30m with a buddy, in conditions similar to those you learnt in. You may need further training if diving in different conditions. The next step is to do the Rescue Diver course.


10 and 11 year olds may qualify for Adventure Diver, but not Advanced Open Water Diver. There are some of the dive options that are not open to them. 12-14 year olds may earn a Junior Advanced Open Water certification that qualifies them to dive to 21m.


Ready to book?

If you're ready to book your course or still have further questions, send us what you have in mind and we'll be happy to respond to your request.

Blue Beach Club, 

El Melal Street, Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt


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