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Slow relaxed dives, in a small group, where seeing the life and spending a little time with it is the aim. You can take the photos or we can take them for you.



Some divers are happy to join a group and want to keep moving to see the large colourful fish. We like to go slowly so we can examine everything and find what might otherwise remain hidden. This doesn't mean overturning rocks, it just means spending a little time before moving on. When we find something it is nice to stop and watch. This is great for photographers and allows them to get shots without feeling rushed. We don't set out with a distant point that we have to get to. Some of the best dives are spent in a 10m area finding the little things going about their business.

Photography Tuition

Our instructors are well versed in photography and understand the limitations added by being underwater. They can help you with finding the right angle, making adjustments etc. They all teach the Digital Underwater Photography course, if you wish to take it, and will happily give advice to help you get better pictures. We can also make suggestions on approaching some creatures so you can get closer without scaring them off.

Camera & Dive Computer Hire

Dahab doesn't have shops with camera gear. If you are bringing your own camera it is best to make sure you have everything you need. We hire out cameras and underwater housings (including batteries). We'll transfer the photos to your memory stick or burn them to CD for you.

We also offer dive computers for hire as they are great buoyancy aids. They allow you to see small changes in depth much easier than conventional depth gauges. Dive computers also make it clear how long you have been underwater - which can be missed when you become absorbed in your task - a great reminder to check your air.


A critical skill for diving, and for underwater photography in particular, is buoyancy control. In order to get into position - which normally means very close - you need a lot of skill to avoid damaging or scaring anything. Changing settings can mean putting all your focus onto the camera and you don't want to drop onto the bottom or float up to the surface, so you need your buoyancy set. Even if you are using a rock to stabilise yourself you should be weightless. We can help with this. We offer the Peak Performance Buoyancy course or a single dive to help you to improve. We'll offer tips to all of our divers. We'll show you how to fin backwards to move away from your subject without waving your hands and stirring up sand (potentially damaging for your subject and a nightmare for the next person wanting a photo).

Professional Photos

We have a professional videographer and photographer that can take photos of you on your dives. If you want to be in the photos we can have him join you and shoot you and the things you see. Let us know you want him to join you as he gets booked up.


This is an acknowledgement to our wonderful Underwater photographers:

- Renata Romeo

- Maxim Smirnov

- Dmitriy Efremychev

- Moustafa Sniper

- Andre Matusevich

- Mervet Azmi

Ready to book?

If you're ready to book your course or still have further questions, send us what you have in mind and we'll be happy to respond to your request.

Blue Beach Club, 

El Melal Street, Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt


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