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Introduction Dive

Your gate to the underwater wonderland!



This is your first glance at the never ending beauty of the underwater! Introductory diving, also known as trial diving, are dives where you can explore the magnificent scuba world under the guidance of a diving instructor without having training or certification up to the depth of 12 meters/ 30 feet.  At this depth you can enjoy the beautiful corals of the shallow reefs and breathe underwater for the first time. 

Requirements: None

Duration: Approx. 1.5 hour including briefing

Dives: 1 Dive

What happens?

You start with a medical questionnaire and a little paperwork before we issue equipment for your size. You have a talk with an instructor to prepare you for the try dive by explaining a little about the equipment, some hand signals and what you might be asked to do while underwater on your try dive.


This is purely about the experience and does not come with a qualification. A try dive is sheer fun and that is its own reward.

Next Step

You can continue straight into the Open Water course, if you have the time. In just an additional day and a half you could be ready to be certified as a Scuba Diver. Or with an additional three days, you can even go for the Open Water course certification.

I have been wanting to try diving for many years but there was always something holding me back. As a birthday present from a friend I was gifted my first ever dive with Poseidon Divers. From the first second of arriving until we came out of the water the Poseidon team made me feel completely comfortable and gave me one of the best experiences of my life. They are professional, attentive and very experienced. I will certainly be diving with them again. Special thanks to the Poseidon team.

Polly Hyson, March 2017

Typical Day


Day One

Try Dive

After a little paperwork, we will provide you with your dive gear and give you a briefing about it and how it works. We talk a little about breathing underwater, what you will need to do on the try dive and what the instructor will be doing. You'll learn hand singles so you can "talk" underwater. Then you go into the water and kneel in the shallow and get used to the strange sensation of having water all around you but still being able to breathe. You can try a few skills and then go for your first diving experience. The Instructor will be there to help you throughout the entire dive. On the try dive you can take as much control as you are comfortable with.

By the end of the try dive you will have enjoyed the experience of using scuba gear and be ready to give a diving course a go.

Ready to book?

If you're ready to book your course or still have further questions, send us what you have in mind and we'll be happy to respond to your request.

Blue Beach Club, 

El Melal Street, Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt


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