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Dive Sites

Dahab offers 27 amazing Scuba Dive sites that suits all levels. From Beginners starting out from shore to spectacular  varieties for experienced Divers, to enjoy the beautiful marine life of the area.

Daily boat trips to nearby sites North to Abu Galoum and South to Gabr ElBent, in addition to the famous Thislegorm, Tiran Island and Ras Mohamed.

Blue Hole & Bells

|  Shore Dive  |

A world-famous dive site that is a submarine sinkhole formed during the last Ice Age thousand of years ago and is considered one of the significant natural landmarks in the Gulf of Aqaba. A wide hole in the reef table slopes down to more than 120 meters surrounded by a vertical beautiful coral reef wall. This dive is best entered through the amazing channel the Bells, then drift to the saddle of the Blue Hole on a wall of spectacular hard coral formations with chances to see pelagic fishes such as rays and reef sharks.

The Canyon

|  Shore Dive  |

The huge cavern starting at 15 m with its breathtaking bubble display and dropping to 55 meters with its spectacular lights and glass-fish schools has become a destination for Rec and Tec divers alike. Dropping into The Canyon is like entering a fairytale world. Surrounded by an amazing Coral Garden, and vivid pinnacles, it also offers a drift dive along Ricks Reef which is suitable for shallow dives. This is a site not to be missed.

Eel Garden

|  Shore Dive  |

Populated by a large colony of Eels that lives on the white sandy slopes of this site with shallow lagoons and reef walls. This site should only be entered when a calm sea and high-tide. The best is early morning or afternoon for beautiful lighting and unexpected marine Life encounters, such as Octopus and Rays.

Lighthouse & Masbat

|  Shore Dive  |

Lighthouse is the house reef of Dahab’s town, located at its center and much underrated. The gradual sandy slope is perfect for scuba diving beginners and the best and safest place to start your underwater adventures. Here is the mix of coral formations, and sea grass where turtles and Seahorses reside in addition to the known underwater museum of many statues- the most famous: Dahab’s big underwater Elephant. Many juvenile fishes seek this beautiful bay for shelter and can be seen in hundreds just a few steps away from the shore.

The Islands

|  Shore Dive  |

Named after several pinnacles resting on a sandy bottom, the Islands are entered through a crack after crossing a reef plateau. This dive, though shallow with a max depth of 17m is quite amazing as you will hover between the underwater reef islands which are connected by labyrinths and sandy lagoons presenting a diversity of coral formations and stunning colors. There is always a good chance to sight turtles, stingrays, Wrasses, schooling barracudas, and crocodile fishes. This dive is interesting for Photographers.